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New HIPAA Rules & OIC CURES Act (Part II)

Total Credits: 2


Major malpractice carriers are now stating, " You are more likely to suffer a major financial loss from a government compliance fine than a malpractice suit!" Most doctors would not think about practicing without malpractice insurance, yet many will bury their head in the sand regarding establishing a bulletproof HIPAA program (your only defense against fines). In this program, Dr. Ty will cover new rules for HIPAA, the new ONC law concerning information blocking, and requirements relative to the "Notice of Patient Privacy Policy," as well as how to construct required HIPAA policies for privacy/compliance officers, production of documents and data, retention, sanction policy, confidentiality agreements, and much more. All attendees will also be given access to dozens of free white papers and webinars regarding these topics!

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