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David Ritter


Privacy Lock

David Ritter is a professional financial engineer, global investment fund manager, blockchain expert, and public speaker, as well as the CEO of Privacy Lock.

David is a frequent guest speaker at international blockchain and fintech conferences, and has published articles in a number of media platforms. Recent keynote addresses include Cryptoworld's Wall Street and the Internet of Money in New York, MIT's Global Start-up Workshop in Bangkok, the London Tech Week in Shanghai, a panel at the 73rd UN General Assembly, and more.

David can be reached by email at

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My Health, My Data: The New Privacy Law Washington Chiropractors MUST Know About

Total Credits: 1

Topic Areas:
Governmental Regulations Relevant to Chiropractic and Public Health |  Patient/Case Management, Documentation, and Coding
Audio and Video
Short Description:
In this free, one-hour webinar David Ritter, CEO of Privacy Lock, explains Washington's new My Health, My Data law. MHMD is a new state-based privacy law that imposes additional compliance requiremen...

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