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David Stemp DC

Cascade Chiropractic And Massage

Dr. David Stemp grew up in a chiropractic family where he was taught health was not to be taken for granted.  His two chiropractor parents taught him and his siblings (later chiropractors themselves) about natural balanced diets, exercise, and positive thinking…and the rewards of their chiropractic lifestyle were plentiful.  Dr. Stemp and his siblings never once suffered the “normal” childhood conditions such as ear infections, asthma, anxiety, or hyperactivity disorders.  This also meant there was no need to take drugs, visit an MD, nor miss any school.  He has taken those lessons and passed them onto his own family, as well as the patients he cares for each day.  Dr. Stemp strongly believes that chiropractic is the future of healthcare and he champions the wellness lifestyle model. Dr. Stemp is a graduate of Life University in Atlanta and is married to his best friend and true love, Nikol.  They and their three teenagers live and work in Tacoma.

Dr. Stemp will be presenting one of the afternoon intensive sessions at ChiroConfab West, titled Integrity in Chiropractic.

Product Type
On Demand

ChiroConfab West Afternoon Intensive

Total Credits: 1.5

Topic Areas:
Chiropractic Philosophy |  Governmental Regulations Relevant to Chiropractic and Public Health |  Patient/Case Management, Documentation, and Coding
Audio and Video
Short Description:
Dr. Kimberly Palmer-Yee presents How to be Legislatively Savvy and why it's Important. Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer presents A Brief History of Chiropractic. Dr. David Stemp presents Ethics and Integri...

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