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ChiroConfab South Afternoon Intensive


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Robert Perkes DC's Profile

Robert Perkes DC Related seminars and products

Core Concepts Chiropractic

Dr. Robert Perkes is a WSCA Board member and owner of Core Concepts, an integrated healthcare office with multiple locations and providers.  He lives in West Richland with his wife and four clones/sons and is a graduate of University of Western States.

Dr. Perkes will be presenting afternoon intensive sessions at both ChiroConfab East and ChiroConfab South.  The first of these sessions is titled Happy Hips: Evaluation and Treatment, and the second session is titled The Placebo Effect: Our Best Adjustments are Between the Ears.

Paul Reed DC's Profile

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Bridge Chiropractic

Dr. Paul is a faith based entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, husband and father!  Many have called him a serial entrepreneur, but Dr Paul likes to refer to it as seeing a need and filling it.  He has opened and scaled 8 businesses generating revenues in excess of 5 million annually. 

Dr Paul attributes his experience as a Division 1 Pac 10 starting athlete, husband of 27 years, father, business man, the lessons learned from decades of mentors combined with his consistent, persistent pursuit of his desired state to his successes in all areas of life.

Dr Paul believes we all have the potential for greatness, but lack the understanding on how to release it!  Follow Dr Paul on any of his channels for tips on how to release your greatness and step into your full potential.

Dr. Reed will be presenting one of the afternoon intensive sessions at ChiroConfab South, titled The Bigness Within: Five Anchors to Improved Patient Outcomes.

Ron Wilcox DC's Profile

Ron Wilcox DC Related seminars and products

WSCA District 10 Representative

Family Chiropractic

Dr. Ron Wilcox became a chiropractic consultant for the Department of Labor and Industries in 1995. Two years later, he took the chiropractic-approved examiner's course to become an Approved Examiner for the Department. Since that time, Dr. Wilcox has been providing second opinion consultations for local area chiroprators on their injured workers and rating or closing examinations for L&I.  He is a former member of the Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee, the current District 10 Representative on the WSCA Board of Directors, and the District 5 Representative to Clinical Compass.