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Ron Wilcox DC

WSCA District 10 Representative

Family Chiropractic

Dr. Ron Wilcox became a chiropractic consultant for the Department of Labor and Industries in 1995. Two years later, he took the chiropractic-approved examiner's course to become an Approved Examiner for the Department. Since that time, Dr. Wilcox has been providing second opinion consultations for local area chiroprators on their injured workers and rating or closing examinations for L&I.  He is a former member of the Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee, the current District 10 Representative on the WSCA Board of Directors, and the District 5 Representative to Clinical Compass.

Product Type
On Demand

ChiroConfab South Afternoon Intensive

Total Credits: 1.5

Topic Areas:
Chiropractic Philosophy |  Detection of Subluxation |  Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine or Extremities |  Neurology |  Patient/Case Management, Documentation, and Coding |  Physical Examination |  Symptomatology
Audio and Video
Short Description:
Dr. Robert Perkes presents The Placebo Effect: Our Best Adjustments are Between the Ears. Dr. Paul Reed presents The Bigness Within: Five Anchors to Improved Patient Outcomes. Dr. Ron Wilcox present...

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