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Ron Wilcox DC

Dr. Wilcox will present:

The L&I Chiropractic Consultant Program

Part I: Oct. 28, 7:30a-9:30a

Part II: Oct. 28, 10:00a-12:00p

Part III: Oct. 28, 1:30p-3:30p

Part IV: Oct. 28, 4:00p-6:00p

Product Type
On Demand

ChiroConfab South Afternoon Intensive

Total Credits: 1.5

Topic Areas:
Chiropractic Philosophy |  Detection of Subluxation |  Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine or Extremities |  Neurology |  Patient/Case Management, Documentation, and Coding |  Physical Examination |  Symptomatology
Audio and Video
Short Description:
Dr. Robert Perkes presents The Placebo Effect: Our Best Adjustments are Between the Ears. Dr. Paul Reed presents The Bigness Within: Five Anchors to Improved Patient Outcomes. Dr. Ron Wilcox present...

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